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Study Reveals: Trees Have Feelings, Make Friendships, And Care For Each Other

Imagine we live in a world where trees are alive. They have families, friends, look after each other; They breathe, they are like human beings. And, […]

The Truth About The Most Damaging Myth About Love

People commonly believe that when they fall in love with someone, that love will last forever. Well, I’m sorry to say that this is actually a myth […]

This Is The Kind Of Woman You Will Regret Hurting The Most

She’s the kind of woman who will offer you her unconditional love and undivided attention without asking anything in return because she believes you deserve it. […]

8 Things That Happen When You Meet Your Dream Girl

Have you ever seen a woman and knew right off the bat that she was ‘the one’? You felt a strong connection and chemistry. And, if […]

The Most Important Thing Married Couples Should Do To Stay In Love Forever

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”, once said the American author Mignon McLaughlin. Long-lasting love is undoubtedly the […]

This Is Why She Fell In Love With Someone Else

Do you remember the way she looked at you? Her eyes were glowing with admiration and respect. Do you remember her smile when she told you […]

50 Ways To Say “I Love You” To Your Partner

“I love you” –  the three-word formula which does wonders in a relationship. Three short words but so deep and meaningful. The secret behind all successful […]

8 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Falling Out Of Love With You

We all know the saying that love is blind. And it really is. You fall in love with your partner so deeply that you’re unable to […]

8 Things That Happen When You Lose A Strong Woman With A Soft Heart

A woman with a soft heart is not afraid to give everything for love; she loves deeply, infinitely, wholeheartedly. You found that woman; you fell in […]

8 Ways The Beautifully Broken Woman Loves Differently

There is something unexplainable in her eyes. They are shining like stars whenever you look at her, but, at the same time, they seem exhausted and […]

Until You Find Somebody Who Gives A Damn About You, Stay Single

Before you find someone who will truly love you, you need to learn to love and value yourself first. By knowing your own worth, you’ll be […]

8 Ways In Which The Man Who Thinks You Are More Than Good Enough Will Behave Towards You

One thing we can’t stop wondering about is whether the guy who we are in a relationship with is the right one.  Finding the man who […]

8 Things You Need To Know Before Falling In Love With A Girl Who Experienced Emotional Abuse

There are different forms of abuse. But the one which doesn’t leave any scars and affects and changes people’s lives the most is emotional abuse. There […]

I’m Gradually Learning To Let Go Of The People Who Diminish My Value

What I have tried to do my whole life is to be careful about the way I treat the people I love and care about. Making […]

21 Things That Guys Find Attractive And Sexy In Girls

All women are different but they certainly all know how to catch a guy’s eye. Most things that women do and men find attractive happen spontaneously. […]

Love Advice and Stories